Providing the support athletes need to achieve their goals.

Our team of licensed therapists are eager to help athletes grow.

Our team of therapists and counselors identifies as athletes.

We are not sports performance therapists, but rather, mental health therapists who truly understand sports. We believe that teamwork is critical to development, and encourage community, collaboration, and continuous growth within our clinician and athlete networks.

In and out of competition, our ultimate goal is to help individuals succeed in health, wellness and performance.

Kim O'Brien, a former Harvard Hockey Champion, is the founder of Unlimited Resilience
“You are more resilient than you think! You can and will emerge stronger than before, tougher than you ever knew was possible.”

Founded by a champion.

Meet, Kimberly O’Brien


Kim seeks to empower athletes to be resilient in sport and in life. As a former National Championship Harvard Hockey player, Kim has a passion for working with teen and young adult competitive athletes with mental health concerns. After years of acute psychiatric care training and experience, she has returned to her roots by founding Unlimited Resilience to help athletes succeed in sport and mental health. Kim works with high school and college teams across the country on mental health, mental skills, and suicide bereavement and prevention, actively seeking to make a positive impact on youth in sport.

Kim coaches field hockey, hockey, lacrosse, and baseball, and still loves to compete in hockey and platform tennis. She believes that being an athlete is critical to effective therapy with athletes and requires that every Unlimited Resilience therapist identify as an athlete in support of this belief.

My daughter thinks the world of Dr. O’Brien and feels safe, supported, and motivated by the work they do together. I feel confident that she can provide any child with the wisdom, faith, and motivation that they need.

Anonymous Parent of Unlimited Resilience Athlete

Unlimited Resilience client

Administrative Team Members

Meet our Practice Manager, Anna Nilsson

Practice Manager, BS

Anna believes that ones mental well-being is a key component to overall health. At Unlimited Resilience, she manages day-to-day operations, client inquiries & support, as well as collaborating with team members. Her goal is to create an efficient and positive environment for athletes and their caregivers in order to provide them with an exceptional experience. 

  • Attained her bachelors in public health with a focus on policy and management from UMass Amherst

  • Former ice hockey, lacrosse, and soccer player

  • Enjoys strength training, boxing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, hiking, and running


Lauren Beville – athlete
Lauren Beville – athlete

Meet, Lauren Beville

Therapist, LICSW

Lauren feels lucky to have an opportunity to use her background as an athlete, a coach, and a clinician to support and empower current athletes. As a former collegiate athlete, she strongly believes that the way we deal with adversity in sports translates into how we deal with adversity in our everyday lives.

  • Licensed in MA

  • Former college lacrosse player

  • Loves helping athletes discover their true potential and improve their experience in all aspects of life by enhancing their mental strength

  • Coaches youth lacrosse; plays lacrosse and basketball; enjoys running, lifting, and getting outdoors to boost endorphins

“It's impossible to predict the future – have faith in your ability to navigate any obstacle placed before you.”

Meet, Brianne Darcy

Therapist, LMHC, CMPC

While a college athlete, Brianne realized the extent to which taking care of one’s mental health can have profound impacts on athletic performance and general wellbeing. Suffering numerous injuries during her athletic career, she is passionate about helping current athletes navigate their time away from sport and return to play. Clinically, Brianne works with individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, substance use, LGBTQ+ issues, eating disorders, and more. Sport and competition have brought joy into her life, and she loves being able to help other athletes improve their performance while learning more about themselves and their unique strengths along the way. 
  • Licensed in MA

  • Ran cross country and track in college

  • She is passionate about helping athletes explore their identities both in and out of their sport

Meet, Landon DuMar

Therapist, CMPC, MHC

For Landon, at its core, sport is a vehicle to connect to love, joy, and play. Through his own experiences, he has felt what is it like to deeply connect to those and also feel lost and disconnected from himself both in and outside of sport. His hope and passion is to help athletes to uncover their authentic selves, heal past wounds, and cultivate love, joy, and play in all aspects of their lives! 
  • Has trained mixed martial arts (MMA) for nearly 15 years

  • Works for a wilderness therapy program for young adults in Vermont

  • Loves meditation, yoga, nature, TV, movies, cooking (and eating), reading, board games, and time with his nephew

“With space, play, and love, all things are possible!”

Meet, Catherine Raster

Therapist, LICSW

Cat is a firm believer that therapy is for everyone, especially athletes. Through her own experience with sports and struggles with anxiety, Cat knows the importance of the mind body connection. Sports offered her many valuable lessons not only about life but perhaps more importantly about herself. Building confidence and resilience are essential for any athlete to be successful. Cat has experience working with youth in different capacities and has specific experience providing sports-based therapy to groups. She has seen the benefits of sports and hopes to combine her knowledge of sports and clinical experience to help other athletes in the mental health arena.

  • Licensed in MA

  • Former D1 soccer player

  • Grew up the oldest of 7 kids in the Midwest

  • Enjoys playing rec soccer, pickleball, beach days and lots of reading

Meet, Amelia Gonzales

Therapist, M.Ed, MHC 

Having been immersed in sports since a young age, Amelia has grown to recognize the influence that mental health has on an athlete’s performance and also, their overall quality of life. Amelia believes that taking care of your mental health is an important aspect in being able to grow and excel as an individual and as an athlete. As a former collegiate athlete, she understands the overwhelming stress and demand that can be placed on athletes and wants to help other athletes learn to manage these situations through applying useful skills to navigate the mental barriers. Amelia is excited to use her own experiences to support other athletes through their own challenges and work with them to achieve the success they envision for themselves.
  • Former collegiate soccer player

  • Played basketball, softball and competed in track and field

  • Enjoys traveling, going to the beach, and hiking with her dog, Captain

“As competitors, we often forget that we are not just athletes; we are human. We have feelings, we have emotions, we have different life experiences. We are more than just the sport.”

Meet, Jahna Goldmore

Therapist, LICSW

Sports has informed Jahna’s perspective on the undeniable connection between health and mental health. She has worked in a medical setting with patients with chronic illness, various community counseling settings including an outdoor program focused on developing confidence and building life skills through experiential education, and is a Certified Yoga instructor. Jahna believes that through challenging circumstances, we have a unique opportunity to grow and transform.

  • Licensed in MA

  • Former college lacrosse and high school athlete

  • Interests include the mind-body connection, meditation, and mindfulness, and utilizing tools from these practices to support clients to develop strategies to work through anxiety, self-doubt, and improve mood

  • Enjoys yoga and the outdoors today

“What we perceive as weakness may – with some shift in perspective – in fact be our biggest strength!”
Jahna Goldmore – therapist
Jahna Goldmore – athlete
Gabby Hernandez – athlete
Gabby Hernandez – therapist

Meet, Gabby Hernandez

Therapist, LMHC

Gabby is excited to combine her love for sport with her passion for mental health. She loves to work with athletes who may have encountered injury, concerns with eating or body image, anxiety, depression, or trauma and help get them back to feeling successful both in life and in their sport. 

  • Licensed in MA

  • Started as a young gymnast and graduated to team sports like soccer and volleyball

  • Interests and experience include trauma, depression, anxiety, LGBTQ+ issues, motivation, and more

  • Despite ACL injuries, Gabby has continued to stay involved in sports and currently has been learning to snowboard and has been playing volleyball

“I believe that all athletes share a bond no matter what sport they play.”

Meet, Anne Elton

Therapist, LCSW

Developing mental fitness is every bit as important as developing physical fitness, however few of us are taught exactly how to do that. Anne is passionate about making sure that every young person has the practical tools and sustainable solutions they need as they face life’s complex challenges. Drawing on CBT, DBT, psychodynamic theory and narrative approaches and incorporating the mental discipline of mindfulness, Anne assists athletes in finding clarity about whatever pressures and challenges they may be facing and empowers them with the skills necessary to feel their best and move toward their goals on and off the field. 

  • Licensed in MA

  • Former basketball player; lifetime athlete

  • Specializes in working with adolescents and young adults with anxiety, depression, social and school issues, loss, trauma, life transitions and relationship challenges

  • After several rounds of rehab for injuries, Anne enjoys staying active through running, tennis, skiing, hiking, yoga…and is currently learning pickle ball

Meet, Jesse Schram

Therapist, LICSW

Jesse strongly believes in the importance of bridging the gap between the mental health and sports worlds in order to support athletes to reach and redefine their “limits.” Jesse grew up playing hockey and soccer, and pursued Division 1 soccer in college. He has experienced his own challenges with anxiety and depression, and is determined to collaboratively work with other athletes to support their goals, both on and off of the field. Jesse embraces a down-to-earth, strength-based approach in an attempt to make the therapeutic process feel comfortable and inviting. 

  • Licensed in NH & MA 

  • Former collegiate soccer player

  • Plays soccer, hockey, and is constantly finding ways to stay active outdoors all times of the year. 

Meet, Steph Holmes

Therapist, LCSW

Steph believes in helping athletes enhance their mental strength not only to improve performance but more importantly to improve the quality of their experience. As a current social worker and a former college athlete with a decade of experience coaching ice hockey, she knows the extraordinary power of resilience.

  • Licensed in MA

  • Former college ice hockey player

  • Enjoys working with athletes on a range of issues including those related to trauma, depression, anxiety, disordered eating, body image, LGBTQ+ issues, and relationship and family dynamics

  • Plays ice hockey and tennis; enjoys hiking with her family and pup

“The commitment to your mental health is integral to your well-being and level of performance. You have everything you need inside of you to handle whatever comes!”
Steph Holmes – athlete
Steph Holmes – therapist
Jacqueline Jimenez-Maldonado – therapist
Jacqueline Jimenez-Maldonado – athlete

Meet, Jacqueline Jimenez-Maldonado

Therapist, LICSW

Jacqueline believes the connection between physical and mental health is the basis for challenging an athlete further in their sport and life. Her goal is to help athletes find the gem that is within themselves.

  • Licensed in MA

  • Former college volleyball player and rower; has practiced Kenpo karate

  • Enjoys supporting athletes through their challenges and exploring the therapeutic tools and mental skills that best suit them individually

  • Stays physically active through sports and strength training

“Mental strength and resilience are in you; you must train it like everything else!”

Meet, Courtney Chapman 

Therapist, LICSW

Courtney believes that numbers don’t define you as a person. Courtney is passionate about working with individuals/athletes who struggle with various challenges. Specifically, she supports those struggling with eating disorders, disordered eating, body image, anxiety, depression, and OCD. Courtney meets the individuals where they are at currently with their own mental health to guide sessions and setting goals. 

  • Licensed in MA

  • Utilizes CBT, DBT, identity exploration, and aspects of EMDR as treatment methods

  • Former rower and soccer player

  • Enjoys going to Orange Theory and playing on different sports leagues in the summer (softball, cornhole)

  • Four years of eating disorder and mental health experience and co-occurring diagnoses with adolescents and adults

Meet, Nick Reynolds

Therapist, MHC

Nick believes the mental well-being of his clients consistently relies on their physical health. He learned at a young age that staying active builds motivation and develops resilience in all aspects of life. His clients’ passion for sport inspires collaboration in order to reach their potential. As a mental health counselor, Nick meets athletes where they are and works toward their achievements in and outside of their sport.

  • Utilizes DBT, CBT, Strength-based therapy, and Person-Centered Therapy

  • A former high school rower and squash player

  • Dedicated to helping others face obstacles, including managing anxiety, disordered eating, depression, physical or psychological trauma, and family dynamics.

  • Enjoys biking, running, and skiing

“Staying physically healthy gives our bodies a means to stay mentally healthy; it’s up to us to care for both our bodies and minds.”
Nick Reynolds – athlete
Nick Reynolds – therapist

Meet, Katie Dowd

Therapist, LICSW

Katie believes that the experience of being an athlete can shape so much about our lives and well-being. She strives to work collaboratively with athletes to notice, recognize and continue to cultivate the resilience that is already there. Therapy provides the space and tools to develop skills that will help both on and off the field.

  • Licensed in MA

  • Former college rower

  • Specializes in working with adolescents and young adults as they navigate mental health challenges, utilizing evidence based approaches tailored to each individual   

  • Enjoys running, yoga, soccer, tennis and hiking 

Meet, Kara Cross

Therapist, LCSW

Kara is passionate about exploring the relationship between physical, mental, and emotional health. She believes that sports provide an incredible opportunity to develop body awareness, deepen resilience, and strengthen interpersonal skills.

  • Licensed in MA

  • Former college soccer player and heptathlete

  • Fifteen years of experience teaching, coaching, and counseling children and adolescents

  • In addition to running, hiking, and lifting, Kara enjoys practicing and teaching yoga

“Possessing embodied awareness and knowing our core values enhances our pursuit of meaningful goals.”

Meet, Ariana DiPreta

Therapist, LMHC, LCPC, CMPC

For Ariana, her athletic career was riddled with injury, recovery, and intensive training. When it came time to accept her career in competitive soccer and rowing would come to an end, it was difficult to manage on her own. Ariana is passionate about providing the mental health support, as well as mental skills training, when times are tough for athletes, and to celebrate the wins while continuing to improve. Ariana has worked with athletes in a variety of settings through high school, and DI, DII, and DIII programs. Ariana is passionate about empowering athletes and helping to illuminate all they have to offer. Sometimes, a simple shift in mindset can reveal our biggest assets and strengths.

  • Licensed in MA & ME

  • Former competitive rower and soccer player

  • Stays active through sports, strength training, and daily hikes with her pup

  • Works with individuals facing struggles with depression, anxiety, trauma, LGBTQIA+ issues, motivation, social and school issues, identity development, and mental skills

Meet, Ashley Garcia

Therapist, LMHC

Ashley’s goal is to help her clients live a more meaningful life. Utilizing a humanistic and holistic approach, she draws from various therapeutic modalities in order to best meet the individualized needs of the client. Ashley prioritizes creating a space where clients can feel seen, heard, and encouraged to reach their goals. 

  • Licensed in MA

  • Former high school athlete 

  • Focus on adolescents who are dealing with depression, anxiety, self-esteem, LGBTQ+ issues, and BIPOC issues

  • Enjoys traveling, hiking, cycling, kickboxing, and yoga 

Meet, Christina Santorelli

Therapist, LICSW

As a former athlete and current endorphin chaser, Christina is excited to combine her love of being active with her passion for mental health. Christina has experience working with children and adolescents who struggle with anxiety, depression, body image, PTSD, and self injurious behaviors. She is committed to creating a trusting, respectful, and caring therapeutic relationship where athletes feel supported and empowered to strengthen their mental health, just as they would their physical health. Let’s climb, and move mountains together!

  • Licensed in MA

  • Utilizes CBT, DBT, and narrative therapy

  • Former soccer player and cross country runner

  • Loves spending time outdoors, especially at the beach

  • Despite having to navigate through multiple injuries, Christina continues to be active and enjoys hiking, weight lifting, cycling, and yoga

Meet, Alyssa Terp

Therapist, LCSW

Alyssa is a former athlete that was always focused on getting to the next level. She believes that being an athlete prepares you for adversity in life in a way that academics do not. Through her own experiences, she understands the deep connection between sports and mental health along with how wins and losses effect us. Her goal is to meet athletes where they are and build on their confidence, resiliency, and mental health through positivity, humor, and unwavering support.

  • Licensed in MA

  • Former college basketball player

  • Enjoys staying active by getting outdoors with her family

  • Passionate about helping athletes navigate through trauma, depression, anxiety, and relationships

Meet, Kareem Hines

Therapist, MSW, LICSW

Kareem is an open minded clinician that values building relationships that can support the work done in therapy. He recognizes the challenges and stigma that are still associated with receiving therapy and has worked to dispel myths and educate people about what therapy can be. Playing collegiate sports, he has an understanding of the pressure, responsibility, and time commitment that comes with sports at any level. Kareem relishes the opportunity to build connections and support athletes in their goals for athletic achievement and overall well-being.

  • Licensed in MA

  • Former collegiate football player

  • Clinical experience with adolescents and young adults. Interests in providing equitable mental health services and the destigmatizing of mental health

  • Loves food, playing video games, basketball, and getting outside with his fiance and dog

Meet, Rachel Shinnick

Therapist, CMPC, Ed.M.

Rachel believes that sport has the power to foster connection, enhance well-being, and encourage positive growth of the mind and body. She also understands that sport can become a source of stress, anxiety, and obligation which can drastically impact mental health. As a clinician and certified mental performance consultant, Rachel seeks to help athletes understand their identities within and outside of sport to aid mental well-being and sport performance. Rachel also has a particular interest in sport injury and facilitating sport injury related growth, having suffered her own career-ending knee injury in college. She values the collaborative nature of working with athletes to build long-lasting skills rooted in a growth mindset approach to performance and life.

  • Utilizes CBT, DBT, and relational therapy

  • Former division I college soccer player

  • Experience and passion lie in helping athletes manage anxiety, depression, sport injury concerns, reinjury anxiety, and trauma

  • Enjoys staying active through lifting, playing soccer recreationally, and has recently gotten into boxing

Mental Skills Coach

Meet, Amyas Taylor

Athletic Counselor, M.Ed.

Amyas has a passion for sports, fitness, and maintaining strong mental health. He has experience in athletic, academic, and mental health environments, and he has a passion for helping others. He encourages the development of holistic athletes and helps others to develop happiness and achieve goals both in sports and other areas of their lives.

  • Began playing team sports at 10 years old; enjoyed many sports and incorporating fitness into personal lifestyle

  • Enjoys running, football, soccer, wrestling, and staying active

  • Enjoys having different hobbies, including exercise, photography, video games, spending time outdoors, and technology

Psychologist – Neuropsychological Testing

Meet, Crystal Mims

Psychologist, PsyD

Crystal believes that mental strength is a critical component of the athletic experience. With over 20 years experience as a licensed school psychologist, Crystal offers a collaborative, compassionate approach to helping others. She has diverse experience working with children and young adults in both clinical and educational settings.

  • A former athlete

  • Passionate about helping student athletes develop performance anxiety and stress management techniques while building mental resilience; provides neuropsychological evaluations to help student athletes better understand their cognitive strengths and challenges so they can receive academic accommodations and excel in school

  • Enjoys physical activity and competition; especially enjoys hiking and tennis

“Mental health is an integral part of well-being. It takes self-awareness and a willingness to persevere to achieve at the highest level. You can and will succeed!”
Crystal Mims – athlete
Crystal Mims – therapist
Growth and development for athletes

Helping athletes be resilient – in and out of sport.

We help athletes develop as a person and athlete. Our care is holistic, and our support is goal-based. This means it is important to us to collaborate with each athlete, identity their goals, and support them through a customized plan that helps them achieve those goals – both in and out of competition.

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